Children have a natural desire to learn and they are learning continuously. Our teachers facilitate children’s learning classroom by planning daily developmentally appropriate activities which focus around a monthly theme.

The room is arranged into “learning centers”, with areas dedicated to blocks, dramatic play, table toys, art, books, music and movement. The learning centers provide many opportunities for children to have “hands-on” experiences using all of their senses. 

As children interact in the centers and with their peers, they are fostering and strengthening their problem-solving and social interaction, self-control, independence, self-expression and physical development. All of these skills contribute to building a strong foundation for future academic success.

The curriculum includes both child directed and teacher directed activities that are age appropriate. Children are encouraged to develop their capabilities and interests at their own pace and to their individual needs.

To provide additional learning experiences outside of the school environment, field trips are included in our curriculum.

Outdoor time is developmentally important for the children and it is our responsibility to help the children use that time to the fullest. The layout of our children’s playground is designed to support and challenge the children’s various levels of their gross motor skills.